Our Products

Rhino Linings offers polyurethane spray-in-place foams under the BioBased Insulation®, DuraTite™ and BioSeal™ brands.

Links to our Technical Data Sheets and MSDS are provided below for each of our products. If you'd like a cost estimate for the installed product, please visit our Find A Contractor page to find the local approved contractor in your area.


BioBased 501w® is a 0.5 lb open cell, water-blown, semi-rigid spray foam insulation that is ICC Rated. BioBased 501w has 3% bio-based content in the finished foam and is a great insulation to use in areas where there are an equal amount of heating and cooling days.

DuraTite™ 2.0 is a 2.0 lb, closed cell, 245fa-blown, rigid spray foam insulation that is ICC Rated. It uses a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and low Global Warming Potential blowing agent. DuraTite 2.0 has 3% bio-based content and 3% pre-consumer recycled content in the finished foam. This is a great insulation product to use when vapor drive is an issue, when you have limited space for insulation or when you need to add some level of structural strength.


BioSeal™ 2.0, BioSeal™ 3.0 and BioSeal™ 6.0 are closed cell foam sealants used for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications including sealing livestock houses, soil and rock stabilization, pipeline trench breaker; pad, pillow and poly backfill; crack and joint sealing and post and pole setting. BioSeal 2.0 has 3% bio-based content and 3% pre-consumer-based content, BioSeal 3.0 has 16% bio-based content, and BioSeal 6.0 has 17% bio-based content in the finished product.

Where To Use Spray Foam

Generally speaking, spray foam can be used in a variety of applications. Be sure to consult with you local approved contractor and get their recommendations for your specific project and the best product for your application.

New Residential Construction

Stud Walls | Rim Joists | Crawl Spaces | Truss Ends | Gables | Dormers | Attics

Residential Remodeling or Retrofit

Under Floors | In Crawl Spaces | In Non-Insulated Walls | Add to Previously Insulated | Basement Stud-Walls | Attics


Interiors | Schools | Warehouses | Metal Buildings | Office Buildings


Trucking | Refrigeration | Plants or Manufacturing Facilities

Special Applications

Sealing and Insulating HVAC Ductwork | Noise Abatement | Air Infiltration Barrier


Livestock Buildings | Barns | Silos | Storage Areas | Poultry Houses